Responsibility of drivers and pedestrians is in the spotlight


The project dedicated to road safety, held under the joint organizational support of the State Traffic Police Department of the Baku city Main Police Department, Center of extracurricular educational work No. 46, "Hed Azerbaijan Academy", the "Park Bulvar" shopping center was completed.

Within the project, conducted during the period of November 3-5, for the first time in Azerbaijan, the general public was presented the overspeed simulators, the traffic safety among drivers and pedestrians, the value of the seat belts and the rules of their proper use had been brought to the attention. 

During the campaign the drivers received recommendations relating to the prevention of road accidents, strengthening the discipline of road users, pedestrian safety, the students showed art compositions related to road safety.

Within the event, more than 300 residents of the capital, taking advantage of the overspeed simulator, simulated speeding, and clearly witnessed how the seat belt saves the driver during an accident.

Employees of the Baku Main Police Department, MPs, representatives of various organizations, lawyers, students from various capital secondary schools made educational speeches in connection with road safety.

During the event, held on the capital streets and avenue, the road users were informed that in the present conditions, every citizen should be aware of his/her responsibility in road safety, in protection of the lives and health of people.

At the present moment when the automobilization is on the fast track, basic condition of traffic safety, along with the traffic culture, is the responsibility of drivers and pedestrians.

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