Person committing thefts in 12 cars in one night was detained


In Nizami district of the capital, the side windows of vehicles were broken and money and other valuables in the saloon of the cars were stolen. The victims appealed to Nizami District Police Department and the 25th Police Division and asked to arrest and prosecute the perpetrator.
The mentioned incidents were immediately taken under control and the necessary investigative and operational measures were taken. Elgun Shirinzada, a former convict suspected of committing the thefts, was detained as a result of operational-search measures carried out by the officers of the Post Patrol Service Unit (PPSU) of Nizami District Police Department and the 25th Police Division with “hot” pursuit. He was detained by the officers of the PPSU of Nizami Police Department and handed over to the 25th Police Division when breaking the window of one of the cars at night and trying to flee the scene. The investigation revealed that Elgun Shirinzada committed thefts breaking the side windows of 12 vehicles in Nizami district alone on the night of May 31. In addition, he was found to have committed thefts in three more cars in the capital in the same way early last month.
Materials collected about Elgun Shirinzada at the 25th Police Division were submitted to Nizami District Police Department for investigation. Investigative and operational measures are underway to identify other criminal connections of the detainee.
If there are other citizens affected by his illegal actions, they can inform the local police authorities, as well as the "102" Service Call Center of the Ministry.

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