Measures are continued against those who organize the sale of pyrotechnic products


Police officers continue a series of measures to prevent the sale of explosives, flammable substances and pyrotechnics that interfere with the rest of the population. Another such measure was held by the employees of the Baku city Main Police Department in Nizami district of the capital. Emin Taghiyev, a citizen who secretly organized the sale of pyrotechnics with high noise potential in one of the shopping centers in the district, was detained by police. Later, during the inspection of his apartment, a large amount of pyrotechnics was found and confiscated.
The next such measure was held in Binagadi district. Anar Abdulkhaligov, a citizen who organized the sale of pyrotechnics with high noise potential in one of the shops in Bilajari settlement, was detained and taken to the 6th Police Department of Binagadi DPD. During the inspection of the shop where that person operated, pyrotechnic devices were found and confiscated.

Another similar fact was revealed in M.A.Rasulzada settlement of Binagadi district. Ulvi Valiyev, a citizen residing at the territory of that settlement, was detained by police while selling pyrotechnics and taken to the 4th Police Department of Binagadi DPD.
A person engaging in the sale of pyrotechnics in Mehdiabad settlement of Absheron district was also detained. During the measures taken by the police officers, Nurlan Huseynov, a citizen engaging in the sale of flammable substances, was detained and taken to the Mehdiabad Police Station.
Pyrotechnics found in each of the detainees were confiscated. Protocols were drawn up on the facts under the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses and the collected materials were sent to the courts for adoption of a relevant decision.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs the population that a number of targeted measures are being taken by the police officers to prevent the illegal trafficking of pyrotechnics, as well as explosives and flammable products with high noise potential within the control of fighting measures carried out against the domestic noise. If the persons illegally organizing the sale of these products are found, serious disciplinary measures will be taken against them.

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