A person selling drugs online was detained


Officers of the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Sabail District Police Department carried out an operation against drug dealers.

A drug dealer N. Ahmadova, a resident of Baku city was detained during the operation based on operational information received by the officers of unit. While inspecting her, different drug types were found.  

Following the operational measures, Ruslan Sheykhov, a resident of Baku city who sold drugs to N. Ahmadova online, was detained and brought to the Sabail District Police Office. During research of his apartment, marijuana with a total weight of 6 kilograms 8 grams in 4 packages and 17 matchboxes was found and confiscated. The investigation revealed that detainees wanted to sell a large amount of drugs.

A criminal case has been initiated in the Investigation Department of Sabail DPD. Necessary investigation and operational-search measures are underway.

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