A person who promoted drugs was detained


A person who shared videos that promoted drug use in social media was detained.

According to MIA Press Service a person who created a profile and shared videos that promoted drug use on “Instagram” social media was detained. As a result of operative-search measures jointly taken by officers of the Main Drug Enforcement Department and Sabunchu District Police Division, the owner of that page, a citizen of the capital Rashid Mammadov was detected in the territory of the district that he lived.

That person confessed in his testimony that he promoted drug use in social media. As a result of the assigned examination, it was founded that Rashid Mammadov had used drugs and psychotropic substances regularly.

A report was drawn up and materials collected on Rashid Mammadov under the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses, was submitted to the court. According to the decision of Sabunchu District Court, that person was administratively detained for 20 days.

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