On September 5, the Main Police Department of Baku city held an extended operational meeting on the work done in the field of "Status of the works carried out in compliance with the law, safeguarding the rights and freedoms of citizens", "Results of the struggle against drug addiction and drug trafficking in the city of Baku" and "Prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency."

Opening the meeting with remarks, Chief of Main Department, Police Major General Rafig Abbasov said that the political course of democratic reform, the foundation of which was laid in Azerbaijan by great leader Heydar Aliyev, is successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev, our country is making steady progress in all-round development. In the development of our country, the protection of public order, the effective organization of the fight against crime, ensuring the safety of citizens, an important role is played by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its individual structures. Head of the Main Department, noting the special service of MPD of Baku city, being one of the basic structures of the Interior Ministry, in the achievements obtained under the leadership of Minister Mr. Ramil Usubov, brought to the attention providing the opportunity to carry out the tasks assigned to service personnel, professional and physical training, material technical support for the reporting period.

On the first issue the speech was done by a senior assistant to the chief of MPD of Baku city on the work with staff, police colonel Ali Valiyev. The speaker noted that summarizing the data received during the reporting period, certain measures were implemented towards the establishment of the service area, which is dominated by the violations of service and performance disciplines, planning the necessary steps to remedy the shortcomings with the identification of their causes, improvement of the moral and psychological climate among staff, strengthening the education, discipline, legality, cultivation of moral values and patriotism in young employees, organization of social protection rights of family members of the police staff, as well as military martyrs (shehid), increase of attention to the award of the staff distinguished in the service.

With regard to the second question, the speech was made by the Chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration Police Colonel Musa Hajiyev. It was noted that according to preliminary calculations, for the period of the first 8 months of this year as a result of search operations in the city of Baku 977 facts of crimes were revealed related to drug trafficking. For these criminal cases about 185 kilograms of various kinds of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances from illegal turnover were seized in total (14.6 kg of opium, 5.9 kg of heroin, 159 kg of marijuana, 4.9 kilograms of hashish or cannabis). At the same time, 300 cannabis bushes with full weight of 59 kilograms were found and seized. 

In connection with the third question the speech was made by the head of the Department of Public Safety Police Colonel Nurullah Mammadkhanli. The speaker noted that DPS staff carried out a number of management functions, provided practical assistance towards the implementation of tasks resulting from the laws and state programs. Police Department summarized statistical reports, after the regular analysis of the work carried out in this area, were held regular meetings with governmental and non-governmental organizations in connection with combating crimes committed by juveniles.

Summary prepared with the aim to eliminate the existing shortcomings, after the analysis of work for 6 months of 2014, carried out in the direction of identifying children who have committed offenses and crimes, and families in difficult social situation, cases of child abuse, preventive registration of adolescents who have committed offenses and crimes, was sent to the police departments, at the same time, after studying the state of organization of preventive registration of minors and their parents in July this year, the departments were provided with practical assistance.

Head of number of services and territorial police offices of Baku Garrison of the Police, who spoke on the report, promised in a short time to address current deficiencies.
Head of MPD of Baku city Rafig Abbasov, summing up the operational meeting, gave his instructions and recommendations for improvements. Head of the Main Department assured the minister and the country's leadership that the staff of the Baku City Police will continue to resolutely continue the fight against crime, will adequately fulfill all the tasks set in the direction of public order and tranquility, will guard vigilant the stability and security of the capital.

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