As a result of operational activities undertaken by the CNI (Counter-Narcotic Unit) of Main Police Department of Baku city, the person engaged in the cultivation and sale of narcotic drugs was arrested.

A few days ago Counter-Narcotic Unit has received information on the engagement of Eyvaz, living in the settlement of Sabunchu, in planting and sale of narcotic drugs. The employees of CNI started operational activities, itemized the information, afterwards controlled the house in Baku Commissars 26 where the resident of the settlement Eyvaz Mammadov lived. Police investigating in the courtyard found 4 hemp bushes with wet weight of 2 kilograms 800 grams, planted and hidden among the leaf cuttings of tomato, as well as 1 kilogram 110 grams dried marihuana in his house.
According to the employee, police captain of CNI, arrested Islam Imanov has been imprisoned before for deliberately committing crime and was released in 2003. Unemployed Eyvaz, was involved in the sale of narcotic drugs and sold one matchbox of marihuana for 60-70 manats.  
During interrogation, the arrested stated that he planted hemp bushes in April of this year and that he would get the “harvest” a few months later. But police officers left his evil intention unrealized.
Agronomist, investigating the hemp plants, commented that they should be cultivated in the agro-technical way.
Investigation Department of Sabunchu region police department probes on the fact.  

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