Drug couriers detained in Nizami district


Employees of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) of the Nizami District Police Department conducted an operation to combat illicit drug trafficking. As a result of the search, 5 kg of marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and 45 cannabis bushes were found with previously convicted Azer Aliyev, born in 1995, and in the car he was driving.

During another operation, Valeh Hasanov, a resident of the capital born in 1985, was also detained on suspicion of drug trafficking. 5 kg of marijuana were found with him, purchased with the intention to sell.
A. Aliyev and V. Hasanov stated that they've been attracted to drug trafficking by foreign citizens met on social networks, whose identity is being established by the investigation. They had to hide drugs at the specified locations in exchange for financial reward.

The investigation is ongoing.

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