Individuals engaged in drug trafficking were detained in the Nasimi district


Ten persons involved in the illegal drug trafficking were arrested in the capital during the course of the last several days' operations conducted by the officers of Nasimi District Police Department. From those individuals, about 5 kg of heroin, opium, and psychotropic methadone pills were discovered.

During the preventive measures carried out by administration employees, citizens voluntarily handed over 5 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 3 hunting rifles, 5 combs and 81 cartridges to the police. 18 people wanted by civilians and 8 people wanted for various crimes were detained.

During measures to combat the sale of cutting and piercing instruments classified as bladed weapons, 312 knives intended for sale for the purpose of causing bodily harm were discovered and seized from 8 objects.
The investigation into the identified facts continues.

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