Measures against the sale of cutting-piercing tools, which are classified as cold weapons, were maintained in Surakhani and other parts of the capital, and 361 cutting tools were discovered in the facilities


Officers from the Surakhani District Police Department discovered and removed 162 cutting-piercing equipment meant for sale from 5 objects during searches conducted yesterday in Amirjan, Bulbula, Garachukhur, and other localities.
Officers of the 33rd Police Department of Surakhani District Police Department recovered 73 knives, believed to be cold weapons, from one of the shops in Yeni Gunashli settlement.
Similar measures were taken by police officers in Narimanov and Khazar districts of the capital. In 4 shops in these districts, 126 knives and other sharp objects that harm human health were seized.
Expert witnesses have been assigned for the weapons taken as material evidence and investigations are ongoing.

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