People involved in arms and drug trafficking were detained in the Nasimi district


Based on operational information received by employees of the Nasimi district police department, during the event, a previously convicted resident of Baku, Rovshan Fatullayev, born in 1965, was detained. A Kalashnikov assault rifle, a comb and 11 rounds of ammunition were found and confiscated from him. R. Fatullayev said that he kept the weapons for himself with the intention of selling them.

During other operations carried out by department employees, Gadir Huseynov, born in 1998, Nazim Abilov, born in 1967, and Asif Yagubaliyev, born in 1979, who were involved in drug trafficking, were detained. In total, they were found to have 4 kilograms of heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. The investigation into the facts continues.

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