People who committed robbery in a rented car and theft of bank cards were detained


The bank cards were stolen from a citizen's car in the capital under unknown circumstances. Then the perpetrator of the theft withdrew 1,110 AZN from them.

As a result of the activities carried out by the staff of the 24th Police Unit of the Nizami District Police Department, Nazarov Taleh, previously convicted, was detained on suspicion of committing this crime. Besides, heroin was found on him. In his testimony, T.Nazarov stated that he spent the stolen money on drugs, which he bought for personal use.

In Binagadi district, police officers detained a previously convicted Samadli Emin, his brother Elvin and an acquaintance Anar Abdullazade, who, through forcible embezzlement, appropriated a winning lottery ticket worth 800 AZN. These persons after committing the specified crime left the crime scene in a rented car.

The investigation is ongoing.

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