Drug mules were detained


Operations are being conducted on the identification of people involved in the sale of drugs and psychotropic substances and bringing them to justice in Baku.
So, as a result of operative-search measures taken by officers of Nasimi District Police Department, 3 more people involved in illicit trafficking of drugs and methamphetamine that is a psychotropic substance were detained in “Kubinka”, “Papanin” and other territories of the district. During the operation, citizens of the capital Farid Aghayev, Kamran Mustafayev and Samir Majidov previously convicted for many times were detained. Methamphetamine, a psychotropic substance and heroin, a drug in a large amount, about 700g were found on them and from their apartments. During the investigation, it was found out that those people met a citizen of one of foreign countries in social media, involved in drug smuggling under the influence of them and organized the sale of drugs sent by that person in the territory of the capital.

Criminal cases were initiated about mentioned facts in Nasimi District Police Department according to relevant provisions of the Criminal Code and above mentioned persons were detained and are under investigation. Necessary investigative measures are being conducted for criminal cases.
Operations are being implemented by police officers for exposing identities of persons involved in illicit drug trafficking in the territory of Nasimi district.

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