Appeal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the people on anti drug campaign


Dear compatriots!
Illegal drug trafficking and substance dependence disturb all mankind as a global problem. The fight against this scourge is one of the main tasks facing law enforcement agencies in Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that the volume of illegal drugs is growing every year, attempts to bring these drugs into the country increase the number of drug users symmetrically. Such situation increases the risk of our young people becoming drug addicts consequently.

Critical writings are published in the media, discussions are conducted on the social networks, and various opinions are made on the problem. It is normal and we respect everyone's attitude, as well as public opinion.
But criticism is not the only thing that matters. Joint efforts of the society are required to eliminate this threat. Namely, it is very important that everyone has real help in the common cause. Only in this case, the measures taken can give the desired result.  It is true that we have citizens who are active in the fight against drug trafficking, and many operational measures have been taken based on their information. We thank each of these citizens and welcome their principal position.   
Another important issue in this case is to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of anti-drug campaign.

When it comes to the explanatory work among teenagers and youth, this work is more effective and plays a deterrent role if based on specific examples of life. In all cases, close attention should be on reducing the demand for drugs in the country.
We have almost taken continuous anti-drug measures in all educational institutions of the Republic prior to COVID-19 pandemic. Youth organizations were also active in this work. However, the assistance of citizens is needed more than ever, as it is not possible to hold public events due to the special quarantine regime. We rely on the mature stratum of society, every man of sense, as well as we have great expectations from media, social network users, bloggers and journalists.
We hope that "Say no to drugs" slogan will be supported by everyone; everyone will give his/her contribution to the fight against drug addiction, one of the most painful problems of the XXI century.

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