Persons robbing a minor child were detained in Sabail district.


A minor child was robbed in Sabail district, Baku city. The sufferer’s parents appealed to the 9th Police Station of the Sabail District Police Office that two people approached them and robbed his mobile phone when the child takes his younger brother to kindergarten. As soon as the information was received, the officers of the department launched searching for the perpetrators. Samir Aliyev and his wife Saida Aliyeva, residents of Baku city who were suspected of robbery were detained in a short span of time as a result of urgent operational-search measures. They confessed to the crime that they committed the aforementioned scene.
Be noted that robbery committed by detainees and their subsequent evasion from the scene was recorded by surveillance cameras in the area.
The materials collected at the 9th Police Station about the detainees were sent to the Investigation Department of the Sabail Police Office; research is underway. If any other citizens affected by the illegal actions of these persons, they can inform the local police agencies, the “102” Service Call Center and the official pages of the Ministry on social networks.

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