Azerbaijani Police celebrate 103rd Anniversary of establishment


Azerbaijani Police celebrate 103rd Anniversary of establishment on July 02. Azerbaijan Police Day was declared by the Decree of the National Leader of Our People Heydar Aliyev dated July 02, 1998.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs and its organizational structure - police agencies played an important role on protection of national interests of our first independent State during term of office covering 1918-1920" according to AZERTAC. After collapsing of the Republic, bodies of internal affairs have successfully developed during 70 years of Azerbaijan's membership in the Soviet Union, and gained great results and rich experience in protection of public order. Especially 1970s and 1980s, which the republic achieved great success in economic, social and other spheres under the leadership of great leader Heydar Aliyev were stamped as the most important stage in the history of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

National Leader, Heydar Aliyev had made important decisions on strengthening the bodies of internal affairs organizationally and ideologically, clarifying their ranks, promoting professional staff during his first term of leadership in Azerbaijan with great foresight. It was the result of organization of the personnel in the national spirit that in 1988, the regular forces - militia, which first bravely repulsed Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan, became part of the Internal Troops. 1695 police officers and servicemen martyrized during these battles, while 1710 officers were injured.  67 employees of internal affairs agencies were given name of "National Hero of Azerbaijan Republic" for their heroism and 1143 people were awarded with different orders and medals.

The activity of the internal affairs bodies was successful in the following years of our independence. 99 police officers and servicemen died and 2640 people were injured while performing duties to protect public order in the fight against crime in our country and ensure public safety.

After election of Mr. Ilham Aliyev as the President of Azerbaijan Republic in October 2003, our country has entered a new stage of development; become a symbol of our independent state, which is confidently moving towards future success and prosperity, ensuring socio-political stability and order. All necessary measures were taken to modernize the internal affairs bodies within comprehensive reforms carried out by the Head of State. Various decrees and orders were signed to meet service activity in compliance with the interests of society and advanced international experience. Important measures have been also taken on the initiative of the President of Azerbaijan on the basis of the State Program adopted in 2004 to improve the structure and regulatory framework of the ministry, develop logistics, and strengthen the social protection of personnel and raising awareness of the role of the police in a democratic society.

Today, modernization trend covers all agencies and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Activity has conformed to the international standards, logistics have been improved, including the supply of the latest technologies; tens of electronic service, web site, "hot line" and other information resources have been established; the police activity was organized in the "ASAN service" centers. These and other innovative initiatives ensuring citizen satisfaction have improved the effectiveness of protecting legality, service efficiency by far in the agencies and divisions.

Azerbaijan Police is an integral centralized law enforcement agency with strong logistics, a well-organized system for the protection of public order, law and order and a professional staff. This development and modernization longing thanks to the attention and care of the President Ilham Aliyev enable to protect the citizens' rights and interests preserved by law and to make adequate response measures in the fight against crime, its transnational organized types.

Today, constantly evolving internal affairs bodies due to the attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev are distinguished by its important services in the fight against crime and its transnational types in the country, in ensuring public order and safety. They also fulfill their obligations on the protection of legal interests, rights and freedoms of citizens professionally and always justify confidence remaining faithful to duty.

Be specially emphasized that Azerbaijan police fulfills its obligations at the highest level during the fight against coronavirus pandemic widely spread around the world since the beginning of last year. Azerbaijan police deeply aware of this important responsibility fulfill their service duties at the highest level. Today, the Azerbaijan police are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic and provides uninterrupted service day and night to protect the health of our citizens.

The services provided by the Azerbaijan police are highly appreciated by the President Ilham Aliyev. Highly appreciating exemplary performance of the police officers, our Head of State said: "Our police officers, Internal Troops officers are on the streets day and night, put their life on the line and try to explain people. Now we should not lose their work. Why does someone want to create some special privilege for himself/herself. As for this, I should say that pandemics showed everyone is equal in front of this disease to all over the world. No one is given and will given an privilege. It is one of the main parts of our policy that the rule of law and equality must always be established".

President, Supreme Commander in Chief Ilham Aliyev pays a special attention to the creating the army, including improving the activity of Internal Troops, further developing social and living conditions, awarding servicement performing their service duties decently. Participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in the opening ceremony of "N" military unit of the Internal Troops which was newly constructed in Sabunchu district, Baku on March 12 - Day of Internal Troops, as well as awarding two servicemen of the Forces with "For the Homeland", three of them with "For the Bravery", 7 of them with "For the Military Services" based on Order signed by him is a manifestation of this.

Police officers  of Internal Affairs bodies demonstrated their patriotism and courage during the Glorious Patriotic War. Always demonstrating high professionalism in the protection of public order and ensuring safety in our country, fighting against the crime, conducting private operations, the staff of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also proved their feat and heroism examples in the Patriotic Was as well in the First Karabakh War. Special Forces of the Internal Troops, who successfully completed difficult combat missions for the liberation of our native lands during the war wrote a chronicle of heroism by striking a crippling blow and destroying hundreds of manpower and combat equipment. 66 officers of the Internal Troops’ staff died, and 346 servicemen were injured during the 44 days Patriotic War written in golden letters in the history of Azerbaijan. 1690 employees of the Internal Troops who fought heroically for the liberation of our homeland under occupation were awarded different orders and medals, including 4 people were conferred a Hero of Patriotic War pursuant to the Orders of Victorious Supreme Commander in Chief, President Ilham Aliyev.

Organization of activity of temporary commandant's offices established in accordance with the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Azerbaijan and performing special management in each region based on the Decree of the Head of State in the liberated territories after Patriotic War was assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it was another indicator of high confidence shown to the Azerbaijan Police. Employees of the internal affairs agencies who decently coped with such an important responsibility in all territories of our country, including liberated cities and districts provide day and night service to justify the trust shown to them.

Being grateful to the Azerbaijan Police for the high socio-political stability prevailing in our country today, each citizen believes that internal affairs bodies that always uphold national interests and the interests of statehood will make worthy contribute to the important measures for constant development of our country carried out by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Victorious Supreme Commander in Chief Ilham Aliyev and protection of safety of citizens and public order after all.

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