People engaged in drug trafficking were detained in Surakhani


Seyidagha Aghayev, previously convicted who is a resident of Baku city was detained during the next operation. 40 hemp plants with a total weight of 5 kilograms 515 grams were found and confiscated while inspecting the yard of his house located in Hovsan settlement, Dairy State Farm. Seyidagha Aghayev testified the fact he planted the hemps with intent to sell and cultivated it with special care.
Elmar Mirzayev, a resident of Baku city who is engaged in selling of narcotics and psychoactive drugs in the district was detained as a result of another operation conducted by the employees of Surakhani District Police Office. In the yard of his house in Surakhani settlement, 3 kilograms 500 grams of hemp bushes grown with agro-technical tech, including dried marijuana packed for sale in 9 matchboxes, heroin, bundles of methamphetamine and digital scales were found on him and his house. In his testimony, he confessed to sell narcotics in Surakhani settlement.
Criminal cases about Seyidagha Aghayev and Elmar Mirzayev were launched pursuant to the corresponding articles of Criminal Code in the Investigation Department of Surakhani District Police Office. Investigative measures are ongoing to identify other criminal relations of the detainees.

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