People who stole from a bookstore were detained


An act of theft was committed in one of the bookstores in Sabail district of the capital. The search for the perpetrators began immediately after the store management informed the police. Elmaddin Suleymanli and Elvin Ahmadov, residents of the capital, suspected of robbery, were detained as a result of operational-search measures carried out by the officers of the 9th Police Division (PD) of Sabail District Police Department. Their theft of two books from the store was also recorded by surveillance cameras at the facility.

Regarding the fact, investigations on the detainees are underway. If there are other citizens affected by the illegal actions of E.Suleymanli and E.Ahmadov, they can inform about it by contacting the police department, division, as well as the “102” Call Center of the MIA.

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