The woman engaged in cultivation of narcotic plants was detained


Officers of the 14th Police Division of Sabunchu District Police Department carried out another operation to identify and prosecute those involved in illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as the cultivation of narcotic plants.
Thus, the 14th Police Division received operational information that Shams Sultanova, a resident of Mashtaga settlement, was engaged in the cultivation of narcotic plants for sale in the yard of her house. During the inspection of the address, the police found 475 hemp bushes with a net weight of 3 kilograms 415 grams, cultivated in an agro-technical manner. In her testimony, Shams Sultanova said that she planted drug plants earlier this year.
In connection with the said fact, a criminal case has been launched against the detainee at Sabunchu District Police Department under the relevant article of the Criminal Code, and she has been arrested and is being investigated. Necessary investigative and operational measures are underway.

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