People making an attack to the house were detained


A citizen living in one of the houses in Mashtagha settlement of Sabunchu district informed the "102" Service Call Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that two unknown people entered his house, damaged various parts of his body with iron crowbar and knife and tried to rob his property at around 4 o'clock in the morning on May 25, 2021. Investigations were immediately launched by the employees of the Sabunchu District Police Department and 14th Police Department on the case. Ganja resident Sama Asadova and Baku resident Dilak Ibrahimova were detained on suspicion of committing the crime as a result of urgent search operations. Both people confessed to the crime. During the incident, moving away from the scene, Sama Asadova and Dilak Ibrahimova took the clues of “Mitsubishi” belonging to the injured person.
Criminal case with different articles of the Criminal Code on the fact was launched in the Investigation Department of the Sabunchu District Police Department; investigative measures are underway. It is not ruled out that the number of crimes committed by Sama Asadova and Dilak Ibrahimova in the capital will increase.

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