Car and moped hijackers were detained in Binagadi district


 “Toyota Prado” automobile was hijacked in Binagadi district. Unknown person hijacked the vehicle by using the fact that the driver left the vehicle in a working condition. The search for the vehicle launched immediately after the injured party appealed to the 5th Police Department (PD) of the Binagadi District Police Office. The vehicle was identified to move in Yasamal district as a result of measures taken at short notice. He was detained as a result of measures taken by the employees of the 5th Police Department notwithstanding car hijacker was not under the command of police officers and did not wanted to stop the vehicle. During the investigation at the police department, it was identified that the hijacker was a resident of the capital, Mirzaaga Zarbaliyev, who had been previously convicted. In his testimony, he said that he hijacked the vehicle not to steal, but to drive. Mirzagha Zarbaliyev's hijacking and driving the vehicle was recorded by cameras.

Khanlar Valishov and Seymur Sadigov hijacking the moped of a person who works as a courier in one of restaurants in the capital city were detained as a result of further operations conducted by the employees of the 5th Police Department of Binagadi District Police Office (DPO). Research revealed that these people ordered the food from the restaurant online. While a courier was delivering the food, Seymur Sadigov, a gang member wandered away from the scene driving a moped as previously agreed. The moped hijacked by the gang members was also found and confiscated.
Materials collected on detainees in the 5th Police Department were sent to the Investigation Department of Binagadi DPO to drive the investigations. Investigation-operational measures are underway to identify their other illegal actions.

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