A special operation was conducted against those engaged in pickpocketing on public transport


Employees of the Baku City Main Police Department carried out a special operation against people engaged in pickpocketing on public transport buses in the capital. Sumgayit resident Nasimi Babayev and Baku resident Mirfadai Mirjafarli who have been repeatedly convicted under various articles of the Criminal Code were detained during the operation. It was revealed as a result of activities carried out around them that these people stole money, mobile phones and other valuables from the pockets of 25 people on buses running on different routes in the capital at different times.

Be noted that after pocketing, Nasimi Babayev handed over his belongings to Mirfadai Mirjafarli, who was standing next to him. The latter, in turn, drove away from the scene. Several pickpocketing crimes committed by the two people were also recorded by surveillance cameras. In their testimonies, they confessed that they burned the documents and ATM cards in those items after taking the funds in the wallets they received through the pocket, sold the mobile phones in stores in different parts of the capital city.

Other two people engaged in pickpocketing on buses, were detained as a result of another operation conducted by the employees of the Main Department. Baradar Aghamaliyev and Shahin Rizvanov, residents of Sumgayit city who were previously convicted several times were detained during the operations. It was known after the camera footage obtained and the operations carried out around these individuals that they came to Baku from Sumgayit and pocketed buses in the capital every day.

Be noted that Baradar Aghamaliyev and Shahin Rizvanov were detained and about 4 grams of heroin and some of their bank cards were confiscated while detaining. Criminal proceedings were launched against the detainees under the corresponding articles of the Criminal Code; research-operational measures about them were underway. It is not ruled out that Nasimi Babayev, Mirfadai Mirjafarli, Baradar Agamaliyev and Shahin Rizvanov committed other similar crimes in the capital. If there are other citizens affected by such actions, please inform territorial police departments, divisions, units, as well as the Baku City Main Police Department and the "102" Service Call Center of the Ministry.

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