3 car hijackers and 1 shoplifter were detained in Nasimi district


As a result of operational research measures carried out by officers of the 19th Police Department of the Nasimi District Police Department, Zaur Gozalov, a resident of Imishli region who was suspected of breaking the window of one of the markets located in the district and entering it, stealing various types of tobacco and confectionery products worth 834 manat, as well as 20 manat from the cash register. The investigation revealed that Z. Gozalov hijacked two “VAZ 2107” and one “Ford Transit” vehicles belonging to different people without the purpose of looting in Nasimi district together with his compatriot Shahriyar Musayev in April of the current year. Sh. Musayev was detained and brought to justice as a result of operations. In their testimonies, both men confessed their crimes.

A criminal case was launched against them under Articles 177.2.3 (with illegal penetration into dwelling, a premise, warehouse or other storehouse), 185.2.1 and 185.2.2 (unlawful seizure of a vehicle or other vehicle without the purpose of robbery, committed repeatedly by a group of persons with prior connivance) of the Criminal Code by the Investigation Department of the Nasimi District Police Department. Investigation measures are being carried out.
It is not ruled out that Zaur Gozalov and Shahriyar Musayev committed other similar crimes in the capital city. If there are other citizens affected by such actions, they can inform the local police and the “102” Service Call Center of the Ministry.

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