Control on quarantine rules is strengthened


Preventive actions are carried on by police officers in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. The latest such action was organized in the territory of Bakikhanov settlement by employees of Sabunchu District Police Department. Police made the settlement residents aware of the necessity of using masks that protect the respiratory tract by conducting preventive talks with them.

During the raid, customers who enter stores without medical masks, as well as people who don’t use respiratory protection equipment properly were fined by police. Control in the places where the virus was more likely to spread was tightened. People in the above mentioned places were arranged by keeping social distance.
During the raid, passengers and drivers who don’t use masks in public vehicles and drivers were identified by police officers. Passengers who don’t wear medical masks were taken off the buses.
Everyone is required once again to follow sanitary and hygienic rules strictly in order to protect both their personal health and others from this virus.

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