Coronavirus patients have been identified in public places and detained


Control measures on prevention of active coronavirus patients in relation to the special quarantine regime applied in order to prevent the wide spread of the coronavirus infection are carried on.
On April 3 and 4, 12 active coronavirus patients have been identified in public places and detained by police officers in the country. However those people have been appointed treatment at home, they were found out to leave their residential area.
Police officers conducted explanatory talks with them, sent them to their houses by following medical procedures and relevant health facilities were notified on this issue.

A criminal case was initiated on Baku city resident T. Mammadov, Shabran district resident Sh.Balabayov and Balakan district resident A.Tahirova, who were appointed treatment at home, but left their residential area, under the Article 139-1.1 (violation of anti-epidemic and quarantine regimes).
Investigations on other citizens are being carried on.
All of us should maximize our own responsibility, never forget danger caused by the coronavirus infection and protect ourselves, relatives and people around us.
We can defeat the terrible virus together by following quarantine rules!
We are together stronger!

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