A person who committed a robbery from ATM was detained


A person, who broke the cash box of one of the ATMs placed in Yasamal district of the capital and tried to rob 15457 AZN there, was detained. As a result of the operation conducted by employees of Baku city Main Police Department and 26th Police Division of Yasamal District Police Department, Joshgun Hasanov who was previously convicted and considered a suspect in committing the above mentioned incident was caught on the very act and submitted for investigation. During the investigation, that person was found out to steal 48840 AZN from one of ATMs in Tabriz Street, Narimanov district of the capital in February of the current year.

It is not excluded that J.Hasanov has committed other analogical crimes in the capital, as well as in the district of Absheron. If there are any other citizens who were affected by his deeds, such citizens can notify police departments, divisions and functions in the territory, as well as “102” Call Center of the MIA in this regard.
Investigations are being carried on the person detained by facts in the Investigation Department of Yasamal DPD.

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