Wing mirror thieves were detained


As a result of operational-investigation measures carried out by the officers of Police Division No. 26 of Yasamal DPD, Rovshan Suleymanov and Shahmar Alijanov who were considered suspects in stealing wing mirrors of cars in the capital and previously convicted, were detained. During the investigation, it was found out that they stole wing mirrors of “Mercedes” cars and sold nor nothing. R. Suleymanov and Sh. Alijanov stated in their testimonies that they committed similar thefts in other territories of the capital alongside with Yasamal district.

Materials collected on persons detected due to the mentioned facts in the Police Division No. 26 were submitted to the Investigation Department of Yasamal DPD. Necessary investigation measures are being continued. If there are any other citizens who were affected by detained persons’ deeds, such citizens can notify police departments, divisions and functions in the territory, as well as “102” Call Center of the MIA in this regard.

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