A person who hid weapon and drugs at his home was detained


As a result of operational measures carried out by the officers of Police Division No. 9 of Sabail District Police Department on the basis of received operational information, Yashar Guliyev, a citizen of Baku city, previously convicted for many times and considered a suspect in drug trafficking, was detained in the territory of the district. During the search for the suspect, 3.778 g marihuana was detected and taken from him.

Through the operational measures continued on Yashar Guliyev in the Police Division, it was found out that additionally he hid drugs and firearms in the apartment that he lived in the territory of Sabunchu settlement. During the inspection of the mentioned apartment, 1 “Kalashnikov” assault rifle, a stripper clip consisting of 30 cartridges, as well as 460 g marihuana belonging to that person were detected. In his testimony, Y.Guliyev admitted that those drugs and firearms belonged to him. Materials collected on the person detected due to the mentioned facts in the Police Division No. 9 were submitted to the Investigation Department of Sabail DPD for research. Y.Guliyev was detained and involved in the investigation, researches are being continued.

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