A person who runs away by resisting police was detained


Unknown person on Lokbatan-Gobu road in Garadagh district robbed 477 manat of a citizen of Absheron district and move away from the scene. When Nurlan Guliyev, a resident of the Jabrayil district, was detained by the police on suspicion of committing the crime, he disobeyed and fled in a “Vaz 2114” car he was driving Shortly afterwards, Nurlan Guliyev was detained together with the car he was driving and taken to the investigation as a result of operational research measures carried out by the officers of Criminal Investigation Department and Garadagh District Police Department. In his testimony, he expressed that he committed the crime under the influence of drugs and repented for violating public order and disturbing other people at the address where he lives.
Investigations about Nurlan Guliyev are underway on the mentioned facts in Garadagh District Police Department.  

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