Reception of citizens


Reception of citizens by the Chief of Main Police Department in Baku   

Chief of Police Major General  Mirgafar Seyidov - at 17:00 Friday of each week

Deputy Chief of Police Major General Elkhan Islam Hasanov - at 17:00 Monday and Wednesday of each week   

Deputy Chief of Police Major General Sakhlab Alosh Baghirov - at 17:00 Wednesday and Thursday of each week 

Deputy Chief of Police Major General  Hasan Kamil Shirinov - at 17:00 Saturday of each week

Note: The Chief of the Main Department holds appointments every Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00.

Days of reception of citizens by the Executive Board of General Directorate of Police

Abdullayev Azar Namizad - Head of Secretariat (Monday)

Alakbarov Vuqar Hidayat - Head of Organizational-Inspectoral Department (Tuesday)

Asadov Elchin Umid - Head of Personnel (Friday)

Valiyev Ali Chingiz - Senior Management Assistant of Head of Staff of the MPD (Saturday)

Aghayev Aliaslan Gachay - Head of Criminal Investigation (Monday)

Fataliyev Zaur Khalil - Head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Thursday)

Ismailov Nazim Kazim - Head of the Scrutiny and Inquest Department (Wednesday)

Kazimov Vilayet Hidayat - Chief of Investigations department (Friday)

Mammadkhanli Nurulla Abdulla - Head of the Department of Public Safety (Tuesday)

Allahyarov Rashad Elkhan - Head of the Registration and ID Card Department (Friday)

Alkhanli Chingiz Mekhbali - Head of the Financial Planning Department (Wednesday)

The reception by the Executive board of STPD is held in the administration building at the intersection of the round road, M.Mushfig street, Padamdar village (tel :510-72-89), Reception by the Executive board of PD of Underground is held in the administrative building of the service at the exit of "Nizami" station (tel:490-02-34).

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