Police performance criteria


Today, when the need for greater sensitivity on the part of the police is due to the narrowing of the area of crime from year to year in our country, reliable provision of public safety has become the norm. This means that if we look 5, even 10 years ago, we will see that in spite of the fact that the passed way is short, there are many achievements. In the statistics of crime, the number of acts of deliberate harming to health, demands with threats, robbery, thefts, hooliganism has decreased; no serious crimes were recorded, such as hostage-taking, banditry.

In the internal affairs bodies, as in all spheres of the state structure in Azerbaijan, the reforms are carried out in parallel with the challenges of the modern period, continuously, systematically and consistently. And we must admit that this process is not a campaign, it is carried out consistently. Speaking today about the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani police, giving a worthy assessment of the path of the police over the past period, the noted realities - the protection of the rule of law, persistent struggle against crime, reliable provision of tranquility are among the main criteria. The goal of the specific task is that the police, being a representative of the government, should serve the people, and also deserve even greater confidence of the people with their determination, professionalism and culture.

All measures implemented and justified in practice are aimed at effective struggle against crime, life protection, health, legal positions of citizens against illegal actions. These principles increase the public responsibility of each police officer. Observations and analyzes show that the improvement of police activity in accordance with modern traditions, especially the complex of measures taken in the fight against crime, has become widespread, and as a result, Azerbaijan has fully confirmed its image of a calm and secure country. The Great Leader Heydar Aliyev stressed that the police profession is very complicated, explaining the idea and directions of the police in his speech to the Azerbaijani police in 1998: "This requires, on the one hand, great civil responsibility, courage and personal perseverance, on the other hand, knowledge, prudence , education and experience. Without combining these aspects, we can not create a proper and organized police. The police should always improve their professionalism, build their work in accordance with modern requirements, international practices and norms, to prevent crime, ensure the well-being of citizens to use the opportunities provided by the state, and to strengthen peace and legality."

In our country, everyone is responsible to the law regardless of their nationality, social belonging, social status or beliefs. The principle of punishment for any unlawful actions concerns everyone. After all, in a place where there is no stability, one can not talk about democracy, human rights, economic development and solving social problems. Each police officer - a government representative who protects public stability - guarantees the reliable provision of constitutional rights in society, relying on civil support.

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