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A collegium meeting was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On April 14, the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a collegium meeting dedicated to the situation of the work done in the field of prevention and investigation of crimes against property and petty thefts that occurred in non-obvious circumstances, compliance with the law and accounting discipline during procedural investigations, and prevention of crimes committed on the basis of family conflict.
The minister, Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov, who opened the meeting with an introductory speech, said that activity in the field of protection of public order and security based on solid foundations was purposefully continued in the first quarter of 2023 in interaction with other law enforcement agencies.

81.9 percent of total crimes were solved, and 80.3 percent were non-serious and minor crimes. 83.5 percent of the 9,448 crimes registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office, including 95 crimes closed from previous years, were opened. Compared to 3 months of 2022, intentional murders, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, theft from apartments, theft of livestock, robbery, pillage, hooliganism, an unlawful act committed by persons with prior convictions and involving the use of a firearm decreased. The detection of serious and particularly serious crimes, crimes against the personality, intentional murder and attempted murder, intentional serious harm to health, and robberies have improved. With the measures taken during the investigation process, 78,5 percent of the material damage was paid to the victims of crime.

In addition, 1,572 accused persons who were wanted locally and interstate were arrested, 170 criminal groups were neutralized by measures taken to combat organized crime, and 59 people who illegally kept and carried firearms were brought to criminal responsibility.
1 ton and 418 kilograms of drugs was removed from illegal circulation, which is 354 kilograms more than in the same period last year. 4 thousand people who have committed various criminal acts have been brought to trial.
In 183 republican and international mass events held in the country, as well as in the territories liberated from occupation, the personnel of the Internal Affairs Bodies and the Internal Troops fully fulfilled their duties to ensure the rule of law.
By informing the mass media in advance, 1,258 citizens were admitted, most of the raised issues were resolved on the spot, 23,042 citizens' appeals were comprehensively and objectively investigated, the initiators were informed in writing explaining their rights. Each appeal received by the “102” service and the hotlines of the Ministry, as well as posted on social networks, was promptly responded to, and immediate measures were taken to protect the legitimate interests, rights and freedoms of citizens.

Deputy Minister, Major-General of Police Ogtay Karimov informed about the organization of the activities of the outdoor service and the implementation of the tasks given in the collegium on the prevention of violations of law that cause dissatisfaction of citizens, the head of the Police Academy, Major General Janpolad Daanov informed about the issue of encouraging young people to study in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , Police Major General Arzu Dashdamirov, Chief of the Main Criminal Investigation Department, Major General of the Police Emil Usubov, heads of the General Department of Investigation Department, Head of the Chief  Public Security Department Major General Sardar Safarov informed about on the issues on the agenda.

 The chiefs of a number of regional police bodies spoke about the issues discussed and spoke about the work done, the results achieved, and the measures taken to eliminate existing shortcomings and deficiencies.
Concluding the collegium meeting, the minister, Colonel-General V.Eyvazov pointed out that in the first quarter of the current year, the duties and tasks set by the law were fully fulfilled, the positive results achieved in the fight against crime, strengthening the rule of law and the rule of law were developed, the personnel carried out their official duties with great determination, especially in the republic and its capital city of Baku, 136 employees of the Ministry and territorial police institutions who showed high professionalism, determination and promptness in solving serious and particularly serious crimes were awarded.

At the same time, emphasizing the importance of the reliable protection of the rights and freedoms of every person, their legal interests, the professional performance of duties related to the authority of the police as a whole, and the provision of citizen satisfaction, he defined tasks related to increasing the efficiency of activities in these directions, preventing situations that have a negative impact on the general work, as well as gave tasks and recommendations.
The Minister, Colonel General Vilayat Eyvazov expressed her confidence that the personnel of the Internal Affairs Bodies will continue to fulfill the duties determined by the legislation and will not spare their strength and abilities to maintain stability and peace in the country.