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Joint information of Prosecutor General’s Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs


As a result of the investigative-operational measures carried out by the prosecutor's office and police officers, one more serious crime remained in previous years was solved professionally.
On March 30, 2013 a criminal case under Article 120.1 (deliberate murder) of the Criminal Code was launched in the Yasamal District Prosecutor's office in connection with the discovery of Ismayil Zeynalov's body with signs of violence in the territory of Yasamal District of the capital, the criminal proceedings were suspended on 23.04.2019 as it was impossible to identify the person or persons who committed the crime despite the conducted investigation and operational measures.

After the criminal case was re-studied by the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, the proceedings were renewed and the evidence obtained as a result of the numerous intensive investigative and operational measures carried out was established that, on March 29, 2013, at about 9 pm, Baku resident Zaur Sadikhov and his acquaintance Ismayil Zeynalov had an argument in a car on their way home after taking drugs at the address of Alik Badirov, a drug dealer, Zaur Sadikhov stopped the car on the road and approached Ismayil Zeynalov who tried to get off the car and kicked him in various parts of his body and strangled and killed him with his hands then he drove him on the street and put him in a reclining form and moved away from the scene to create the image that he was dying because of drug overdose, in order to lose the traces of the crime he had committed, Ismayil Zeynalov's mobile phone and shirt were thrown into the places not identified with the investigation.

Zaur Sadikhov was arrested as a suspect and was involved in the investigation.
The detection of crimes that remained unsolved from previous years is always kept in the focus of attention and joint work with other law enforcement agencies is continued in this direction.