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Activities to detain drug mules were carried out in Nasimi district


As a result of the activities carried out over the past 10 days by the employees of the Nasimi District Police Department, 14 more people were detained on the counts of selling narcotic substances and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. In total, 4 kg of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, 1 Nagant revolver and 6 cartridges were found in their possession.
During the activities carried out by police officers, Elvin Mammadov and Nail Bakirov were detained, as they were selling drugs in the district. Elvin Mammadov was found to have 1 Nagant revolver, 6 cartridges and heroin in large quantities. During the pat-down search, Nail Bakirov was found to have about 1 kg of heroin he purchased to sell.

As a result of other activities carried out by employees of the Nasimi District Police Department within the specified period, 12 more persons engaged in the sale of narcotic drugs were detained in “Kubinka”, “Papanin”, and other neighbourhoods of the city. Heroin, methamphetamine, and electronic scales were found in their possession. As a result of the investigation, it was found out that the detainees purchased drugs online from drug dealers living abroad, whom they met on Instagram. They agreed to become drug mules in the capital in exchange for financial reward. While investigating criminal activity, it was found out that some of them also arranged an opium den within their house.
The materials collected were sent to the Investigative Division of the Nasimi DPD. The court remanded the detained persons in custody. The activities are proceeding to detain other members of the same drug cartel.