An event under the motto “Let’s protect our children from the traffic accidents” was held in child auto-city on 10 June with the organizational support of Non-school Education Center No.46 and Baku city Main Police Department State Traffic Police Department “Nurgun Motors” in association with the “International Children’s Protection Day”. 

More than 100 children from a number of schools of Nasimi, Narimanov, Yasamal, Sabail, Nizami, Khatai and Binagadi districts attended the event where the employees of the State Traffic Police, Main Education Department, teachers, schoolchildren, parents, and mass media representatives participated.

Child auto-city of the center was decorated with the flags, slogans, banners, posters, pictures, road signs, balloons and flowers. Various examples reflecting child creativity were demonstrated in the specially allocated places. 
Interactive, educational, moving and didactic games were demonstrated in the presentation of the members of the various creative circles wearing special uniforms who joined the event held for the enlightenment of the children with the road safety rules, road signs and for directing public attention to the issues of child safety on the road. The young artists painted drawings on the asphalt on the theme “Road traffic rules and me”.

Training was held for driving parents in the modern training center using visual aids, printed educational materials were distributed to children and parents.

Event participants stated that protection of children is the duty of the every parent. Their protection from traffic accidents depends on their training and upbringing received in the secondary schools.

Afterwards, the children arrived at Samad Vurghun with photo banners reflecting the event’s motto and presented educational coloring books on road traffic rules to the passing drivers. 

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