On May 7, the event dedicated to the 91st birth anniversary of the National Leader was held in Baku city Main Police Department. Chief of the Main Department Rafiq Abbasov made a wide speech in association with the spectacular life and activity of the Great Leader. It was noted that Heydar Aliyev was unprecedented, determined, reliable and sapient head throughout the whole statehood history of the Azerbaijani people for the scope and level.
During the first leadership of Heydar Aliyev, the genius could foresee future independence of Azerbaijan from the apex of his thinking, made maximum use of the budget of the union, changed Azerbaijan, which was known as an agrarian country, into a mighty industrial country and was able to create a strong economic base. Later, when independence was gained, Azerbaijan was established on this economic base.

One of the foundations of the independent country is the regular army, the armed forces. The Great Leader was able to think about it and do great things in the Soviet period. He was the founder of the high school preparing officers, military school named after Nakhchivanski. At the same time, every year hundreds of young Azerbaijanis were sent to the higher educational institutions of the USSR and they studied the military and civilian professions essential for the Republic. All this was directed at the future of Azerbaijan and was the work done for the independence of Azerbaijan.

It was brought to the attention that the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev had shown great care and attention to the law-enforcement agencies leading Azerbaijan both in soviet period and during independence. The activity of internal affairs bodies changed fundamentally, great achievements have been gained in the establishment of public order and strengthening the fight against crime.

At the beginning of 1990s Azerbaijan faced great difficulties after gaining its independence. Struggle for power ongoing within the country and chaos and anarchy continuing in the background of this struggle dragged the country into the abyss. Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan supported by the external forces and its grave results aggravated the situation even more. At such time, when statehood, independence was under threat, Azerbaijani people appealed to Heydar Aliyev and requested and asked its genius son to return to power.

National Leader returned to power at the request of the people and started to carry out his saving mission. Thanks to political will of the great leader and public support, socio-political stability was restored in a short time. In May 1994, cease-fire was declared in Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict, “Contract of the Century” was signed between the leading oil companies of the world and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan in September.  There was time and opportunity to be engaged in democratic state-building and carry out economic and political reforms in Azerbaijan.
 In November 1995, the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, based on the mentality of the people and reflecting national values, was drawn up and adopted under the leadership of great leader Heydar Aliyev. He declared state, municipal and private types of the property as the principle law considered distribution of powers basic. Our principle law was legal basis for implementing democratic reforms in the country. The period of political and economic development and integration into the world started in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was elected a full member of the Council of Europe, started to work closely with international organizations such as the European Union, NATO.

Thus, pragmatic, far-sighted and peaceful policy of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, strengthened statehood, perpetuated independence. The Great Leader proved that maintaining independence is much harder than winning it and fairly dealt with this difficult, crucial work. Yes, Heydar Aliyev has fulfilled its mission as the National Leader of Azerbaijani nation – he devoted the rest of his life to the development of the Republic of Azerbaijan as an independent state, reinforced statehood, perpetuated independence, erected his eternal monument in the heart, history of the nation, as he declared on 15 June 1993 when he was elected the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet upon the request of the people.

Today respected President Ilham Aliyev successfully and creatively continues the sapient policy of Heydar Aliyev. It is enough to pay attention to the last decade to know how successfully the President of Azerbaijan has implemented this difficult and honorable task. Each year in the past decade was remarkable for the acceleration of the development in the country, the improvement in the well-being of every citizen. During these years Azerbaijan ranked the 1st place in the world for its economic indicators, significant efforts have been done for the reduction of unemployment, and poverty level.

Due to the President Ilham Aliyev’s attention and care, under the leadership of the Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov, Azerbaijani police develop rapidly, level of professionalism rises. Legality is protected in Azerbaijan and the capital city - Baku, security is guaranteed.

The awarding ceremony of the winners of the sports tournaments, dedicated to the memory of the National Leader, held in accordance with joint plan of actions of Baku City Main Police Department and Baku City Youth and Sports Head Department, was held. The chief of the Baku City Youth and Sports Head Department Ragif Abbasov made a speech informed about the youth policy of Heydar Aliyev.
In the end, documentary film dedicated to the life and activity of the National Leader has been demonstrated.

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