The educational event on the juveniles was held in Binagadi


The educational event on the progress of actions taken over the execution of the tasks with respect to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on “Preventive measures on desolation and law infringements by the juveniles” was held in the administrative building of the Binagadi District organization of New Azerbaijan Party, with the joint organization of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Binagadi District Executive Power.

It was reported from the Binagadi District Executive Power that the Deputy Head of the Executive Power, Aygun Aliyeva, Chairperson of the Commission on the Juveniles Affairs and the Protection of their Rights spoke about the actions taken in the district in recent years over the juveniles. She mentioned the importance of raising the true awareness in this issue in each family.

Police lieutenant-colonel Akbar Akbarov, the Inspector General of the Department for Organization of Preventive Work with Juveniles under the Ministry of Internal Affairs made an extensive statement about the effects of the criminal tendencies of juveniles, their protection against violence, the role of internal affairs bodies on the prevention of their evasion from education.
Police lieutenant-colonel Ogtay Suleymanli, Deputy Chief of the Binagadi District Police Department spoke about the adverse effects of the religious radicalization. 

Doctor-Narcologist Bahram Ahmadov spoke about the arrangement of anti-drug campaigns among the juveniles and young people. 
Speaking about the actions implemented on the prevention of the girls’ being involved in the child marriages, Tahira Asgarova, the Head of Binagadi District Registry Office mentioned the statistical decline on this matter in Binagadi in recent years.
In the end, the video arranged by the MIA was shown.

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