Making speech at the event Senior Chief Assistant of Baku MPD for the Work with Personnel, Police Colonel Ali Valiyev conveyed congratulations and recommendations of the Chief of the Main Police Department, police general-major Mirgafar Seyidov, and spoke about the role of police in society.

It was emphasized that police veterans shouldered tremendous responsibility for protection of public order, provision of public safety, traffic safety awareness, and patronage works conducted with young officers.

The Police Colonel noted that the MIA management paid special attention to the works carried out in this field and that action plans were made and submitted for execution in connection with arrangement of work with veterans for the purpose of improvement of these activities.
Speaking about more quick and professional activities of Azerbaijani police and effective struggle against crime, Farhad Suleymanov, the Head of MIA Veterans' Council, retired Police Colonel, stressed the importance of the police veterans' role in deepening the police-citizen relations.

The Head of MIA Veterans' Council stated that the police veterans' meaningful lives and rich experience are a good example for the younger generation and young employees of the internal affairs bodies. Reminding of the recommendations of the Minister of Internal Affairs of our Republic, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov, the Council Head emphasized that today there is a great need for professional police veterans and their experience in our society. 

Emin Mammadov, the Chairperson of Baku city MPD Council of Veterans, retired Lieutenant-Colonel, noted that execution of the tasks and duties determined by the MIA management for regulation and organization of veterans' activities was the focus of attention, all necessary conditions had been provided for regular operation of the veterans' councils in all territorial police departments. As a result, only Baku city MPD STPD had held 32 meetings with younger employees in the secondary and higher education institutions in connection with police's works.

Speaking about formation of moral-psychological atmosphere among the personal staff Avaz Abbasov, the Head of MPD STP Council of Veterans, retired Lieutenant-Colonel, said that promotion of veterans' experiences, knowledge and skills was always in the spotlight. The former officers - police veterans who had gained great experience during the years of service gave valuable contributions to the execution of awareness works among traffic participants.

During the speeches the importance attached by the heads of police agencies to the work conducted with veterans was discussed, and the speakers expressed satisfaction in connection with the fight of our employees who were on duty against crime, protection of public order, the conditions established for making contributions to the development process in our country, and state care and attention.   

After the official part, congratulatory letters addressed to police veterans were read, the veterans celebrating their birthdays were awarded and feast was organized.

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